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Telestream - Video Sharing Leader

10-fold ROI. Accelerated Direct Web Sales

Barbara DeHart, VP Desktop Business, Telestream
Barbara DeHart VP Desktop Business, Telestream




"The flexibility of the platform and the assistance, knowledge and expertise of the Avangate team have all been key contributors to our increased revenue growth [...].

We found the Conversion Rate Optimization service to be extremely valuable. Not only did Avangate and Wider Funnel propose new shopping cart designs to stop revenue leakage, they proved that the new designs worked through testing. The numbers speak for themselves. We are very pleased with the results,Barbara DeHart, VP Desktop Business, Telestream.





About Telestream

Telestream® specializes in software that makes it possible to get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Telestream customers include millions of consumers, businesses, and the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. Learn more at

Download full case study Download Telestream CRO
Case Study
Download full case study

Project: Acquisition Optimization. 10-fold ROI through Conversion Rate Optimization

The Context & Objectives

Telestream’s customer acquisition strategy is centered around driving traffic to their website to try or purchase software from their online store. Their objectives for this project were to increase the site conversion rate to bring more traffic to the cart pages, increase the cart conversion rate to convert more shoppers to buyers and ultimately increase revenue



Avangate partnered with WiderFunnel, a digital optimization agency, to provide Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services to Telestream. Avangate and WiderFunnel developed a strategy and test plan to focus on areas with the most revenue potential. Several experiments were run during the 6-month project – both on the site and on the cart pages.

Key Results

  • 10-fold ROI through CRO project
  • 26% increase in conversion rates (site/ product pages/ shopping cart)
  • $2M increase in annual revenue (forecast)

Telestream also gained valuable insights about their customers buying behavior, which now can be applied to their website and other cart templates to further increase revenue.

Download the full Telestream CRO case study here.

Download full case study Download Telestream Web Sales
Case Study
Download full case study

Project: Accelerated Direct Web Sales. 4% Increase in Sales through Automation

Context & Objectives

Rapid organic growth and recent acquisitions had outpaced the capabilities of legacy billing, partner management, CRM and other systems. Telestream's objectives were to:

  • Update and consolidate legacy commerce systems and processes with a single integrated and scalable platform
  • Expand into untapped global markets and introduce and experiment with new pricing and business models


  • Wanted to expand globally but, except for a few countries where it had a presence, Telestream didn’t have the localization – payments, currency, pricing, service – to support its sales growth strategy
  • Lacked the platform flexibility to introduce and experiment with new and multiple pricing and business models


Telestream looked to a new ecommerce provider for additional flexibility and agility to set up the company for aggressive global growth and innovation, both now and into the future.

“As our business continues to expand rapidly around the world, our ability to scale and optimize every facet, including the commerce side, has been a key strategic focus of Telestream. In creating a unified commerce environment with Avangate's Enterprise Edition, enterprise and consumer customers are supported the way they want to be and internal operations have become much smoother. With Avangate, we have a strategic partner that not only optimizes our current business but will foster and support our growth”.

Key Results

  • Accelerated direct web sales
  • Affiliate channel sales nearly doubled within one year
  • Increased sales via multiple touchpoints
  • 4% increase in sales through automation
  • Expanded into new global markets
  • Introduced subscriptions, pro-rations and other revenue models and pricing strategies
  • Improved processes and systems

Download the full Telestream Web Sales case study here.

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