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GridForDroid Ultimate (GFD) is a native component utilizing a custom drawing engine. GFD gives you an enhanced performance even when handling large sets of data. Some of the more important features include the ability to sort, group and filter data. By using GFD the developer  can customize  individual cells view by changing the cell background color, text color and image based on the data in that cell. GFD Ultimate includes a Pivot grid component which provides the ability to display the data in pivot table fashion. The developer is able to: • customize the individual cells’ view by changing the background and text color and image based on the data inside •  export the data in Excel, HTML or CSV formats • display the information in pages with selectable number of data records in a page • attach additional data to every main data record • add multiple summaries to the columns of the main grid or the sub grid • change the way data is copied on the clipboard •  create columns with buttons, checkboxes and spinners to better represent the data to the end user • control whether the user can edit the information in the data grid • the grid and pivot grid (Ultimate and Ultimate for Xamarin only) can be localized to any language • generate a preview of the defined columns  • change the size of the columns or select any column to hide For more information please visit:    


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  • Android

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